Frequently Asked Questions

Conclusion of the contract

Are fixed term rental/lease contracts offered?
In principle open-ended tenancy agreements are offered. However, both parties can agree to waive the right to serve notice during the initial 12 month rental period. With regards to new buildings or total renovation projects, it is customary for both parties to agree to waive the right to serve notice during the initial 24 month rental period.

Are pre-agreed rental increases over a fixed period (“Staffelmietverträge”) used?

How is the deposit payable?
The deposit is payable:

  1. By cash payment (the amount will be kept on a deposit account by the landlord and will acquire interest)
  2. By bank guarantee
  3. By savings book or savings account which is pledged to the landlord

When is the deposit payable?
The deposit is payable before handover of the keys.

I am a student or apprentice, can I rent an apartment?
Yes as a student or apprentice you can rent an apartment, when for example a parent or guardian co-signs or concludes the contract on your behalf.

Termination of tenancy agreement

When can I expect the refund of the paid deposit?
The deposit is generally paid back 6 – 8 weeks after the check-out. If there are any damages found in the apartment, the tenant will have to wait for full and final settlement of the repair bills or invoices, before receiving any of the remaining deposit back.

Can the tenancy agreement be ended before expiry of the contract if I find a new tenant?
In principle, contrary to a commonly heard opinion, the tenant has no right to exit the contract prematurely when he has found one or more new tenants. However, if a suitable new tenant is being presented, the option to preliminary end the contract can be reviewed.