COCON REAL ESTATE established itself more than 60 years ago in the development of commercial and residential properties. The project management services offered include the full range of managerial services, managerial organisation, managerial techniques and managerial resources which are necessary for the successful completion of a project.


  • collecting and distributing of necessary information


  • planning and definition of contents and scope
  • definition of the process
  • agreement of the project steps
  • budget planning and resources
  • estimation of project time periods
  • cost estimation
  • financial requirements and planning
  • risk management
  • time planning
  • cost planning
  • compilation of the project planning


  • co-ordination
  • quality assurance
  • information monitoring


  • reporting, collecting and distributing of the project data
  • coordinating any changes


  • contract completion
  • administrative conclusion / wrapping up of the project