Asset Management

COCON REAL ESTATE stands for professionalism in residential and commercial property management regardless of the size. The asset management service includes representing he owners by the valuation, administration, management and the development of the property.

Commercial Property Management

  • survey and documentation of the relevant property data
  • active property management including the managing of the live contracts and letting activities
  • Budget planning, supervision and controlling (inspection / continuous monitoring)
  • Invoicing, accountancy, bookkeeping, general financial controlling
  • Invoicing of utility / service charges
  • Appointing, supervising and controlling external service providers

Technical / Infrastructure management

  • Survey, documentation and ongoing inspection / monitoring of the technical equipment and the status of the property
  • Active technical property management including managing of the contracts and the tendering process
  • Continuous maintenance and servicing
  • Implementation of major structural changes (modernisation, rebuilding)
  • Organisation of the technical property management including: infrastructure services
  • Appointing, supervising and controlling external service providers